All Around the Web – March 12, 2019

AATWDavid French – Ilhan Omar Shows How Intersectionality Can Elevate Bigotry

Jonah Goldberg – The Aristocracy of Victimhood

Rod Dreher – Trans Through A Teacher’s Eyes

John Stonestreet – Reformation Manifesto

Facts & Trends – 5 Women in History the Church Should Celebrate

TGC – A Theology of Art in 2 Minutes

Thom Rainer – Five Incredible Tools for Better Stewardship – Rainer on Leadership #517

Ligioner – How Did the Early Church Fathers Interpret the “Rock” of Matthew 16?

Peggy Noonan – Get Ready for the Struggle Session: In America, and even more so on Twitter, there’s a whiff of China’s Cultural Revolution in the air.

CBC – Man angry his photo was used to prove all hipsters look alike — then learns it wasn’t him

Babylon Bee – Party Adamantly Opposed To Hate Struggles To Pass Resolution Condemning Hate

Babylon Bee – Man Defends Own Terrible Political Party By Pointing Out How Terrible Other Political Party Is

Babylon Bee – ‘Everything Is Bad And The World Is Ending And You Shouldn’t Have Kids,’ Says Party Of Progress

Babylon Bee – Miraculous: This Church Burned To The Ground, But Not A Single VeggieTales VHS Tape Was Touched By The Flames

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