All Around the Web – February 13, 2019

AATWRussell Moore – Southern Baptists and the Scandal of Church Sexual Abuse

Trevin Wax – Southern Baptists and the Day of Reckoning

Denny Burk – Grieved beyond Words… and Resolved

Justin Taylor – How Traditional Marriage Became De-Condensed

Sean McDowell – Porn is the New Norm

Thom Rainer – How Not to Compensate Your Pastor

Facts & Trends – What If Evangelism Came As Natural As Breathing?

Crossway – 5 Tips for Reading the Song of Songs

Chuck Lawless – A Church Health Quiz: Is Your Church an Evangelistic Church?

A New Name – How To Stop Hating Yourself

Babylon Bee – Imaginary Superhero Captain Planet Criticizes Green New Deal For Being Unrealistic

Babylon Bee – Pelosi Reveals Favorite Bible Verse: ‘War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength.’

Babylon Bee – Oakland Raiders To Skip Customary Super Bowl Champions’ Visit To White House

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