All Around the Web – February 11, 2019

AATWRussell Moore – Should Religious Belief Inform Public Policy?

Joe Carter – How to Prepare a Child to Read the Bible

John Stonestreet – Dragging the Kids into It

Justin Taylor – The Two Questions That Will Determine Whether Our Culture Accepts Infanticide

Facts & Trends – What do Millennials Actually Believe About Evangelism?

Thom Rainer – Choosing Relocation as a Revitalization Alternative – Revitalize & Replant #079

LifeWay Voices – 3 Ways to Misunderstand the Trinity

Chuck Lawless – 12 Reasons to Pray More as You Prepare Your Sermon or Lesson for this Weekend

Justin Taylor – How We Can Know the New Testament Teaches that Jesus Is God

Tim Challies – It Takes Two

Babylon Bee –Horrified Nation Suddenly Realizes Ocasio-Cortez Will Probably Be President In Six Years

Babylon Bee – Armani Unveils Line Of High-End Bow-Ties: ‘The Mohler Collection’

Babylon Bee – ‘Republicans Are Brainwashed,’ Democrats Dutifully Chant While Clad In Identical White Uniforms

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