All Around the Web – January 28, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – New York Reveals Where Fight Against Abortion Is Headed

Justin Taylor – Everybody Knows What Is in the Womb

John Stonestreet – Take a Stand for Marriage

Thom Rainer – Six Creative Ways to Deal with a Deteriorating Facility – Revitalize & Replant #077

Facts & Trends – 5 Pastoral Promises We Need to Make

Facts & Trends – 3 Questions to Ask When Helping Someone Find the Right Bible

Chuck Lawless – 10 Marks of a Happy Church

TGC – In Praise of Useless Reading

Tim Challies – What Are People Saying About Christian Blogging?

Bloomberg – Super Bowl Ad Prices Stall After Years of Relentless Increases

Babylon Bee – Youth Pastor Takes Sabbatical To Give Himself A Break From Eating Pizza, Playing Video Games All Day

Babylon Bee – Progressives Announce Plan To Resume Lecturing You On Morality After They’re Finished Applauding Murder Of The Unborn

Babylon Bee – Confirmed: Jesus To Validate All Your Political Opinions At Second Coming

HT: Denny Burk

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