All Around the Web – January 15, 2019

AATWChristianity Today – Going Dutch: Netherlands Imports Nashville Statement Controversy

Denny Burk – Is what divides us more significant than our humanity?

New Yorker – Is Marijuana as Safe as We Think?

Kouyanet – What’s Good In World Mission?

JD Greear – It’s Time to Regain First-Generation Faith

Sam Rainer – Why Giving Stays Strong While Attendance Drops in Churches

Jon Coombs – Youth Ministry is Not Just a Stepping Stone

Relevant – Joyce Meyer Says Her Views on Prosperity and Faith ‘Got Out of Balance’ With What the Bible Says

NBC News – Americans aren’t making enough babies to replace ourselves

Study Finds – Do You Know Your Family History? Third Of Americans Can’t Even Name All 4 Grandparents, Survey Finds

Babylon Bee – Ron Swanson Teaches Seminar On Biblical Manhood

Babylon Bee – Here’s A Picture Of All The Women Who Have No Access To Healthcare Due To A Planned Parenthood Clinic Closure


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