All Around the Web – January 14, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – Homeschooling Parents in Germany Lose Right to Educate Their Children

Russell Moore – Thank You Christianity Today

Crossway – How to Stop Thinking about What People Think of You

Thom Rainer – How to Deal with the Constant Critic in Your Church – Rainer on Leadership #501

Chuck Lawless – Ten Questions to Ask at the End of This Week (Repost)

SBTS – 4 important questions to ask before joining a church

The Conversation – Our Obsession with Taking Photos

Facts & Trends – More Than Half of Pastors Started Their Careers Outside the Church

Tim Challies – Does God Want Me to Obey Him Out Of Duty or Joy?

Fighter Verse Songs – Pastor Piper and the Microphone

Babylon Bee – Disturbance Felt Across Country As Millions Of Christian Women Cry Out At Once

Babylon Bee – ‘Good Evening,’ Says President Trump, Drawing Immediate Flurry Of Fact Checks

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