All Around the Web – January 9, 2018

AATWKevin DeYoung – Systematic Theology Review

Sam Storms – 10 Things You Should Know about the “Jezebel Spirit”

Via Emmaus – First Creation and Second Creation: Adam, Noah, and the Focus of Genesis 1–11

Facts & Trends – 3 People Every Pastor Should Seek Out

Facts & Trends – 19 Vital Stats for Ministry in 2019

John Stonstreet – Storytelling and the Christian Worldview

Crossway – What Did Jesus Teach about Money?

Chuck Lawless – 8 Signs that You’re Leading on the Defensive

TGC – Why Did Jesus Sleep During the Storm?

Facts & Trends – 6 Reasons Leaders Should Read Literature

New York Times – Devices That Will Invade Your Life in 2019 (and What’s Overhyped)

Babylon Bee – Report: Every Last Ounce Of Play-Doh Gifted On Christmas Already Dried Up And Stuck To Carpet

Babylon Bee – Progressive Enjoying TV Show She’ll Denounce As ‘Extremely Problematic’ Within Five Years


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