All Around the Web – January 7, 2018

AATWJohn Stonestreet – Transgender Taboos

Evangelical History – Lessons from the Faith of Theodore Roosevelt on the Centennial of His Death

TGC – From Seminary President to NFL Head Coach

Facts & Trends – 10 Exciting Discoveries in Biblical Archaeological in 2018

Thom Rainer – What Pastors Need to Do When They Are Deeply Hurt – Rainer on Leadership #499

Facts & Trends – 5 Ways to Prioritize the Word in Worship

Chuck Lawless – 5 Dangers of “Tower of Babel” Church Revitalizations

Tim Challies – Three Kinds of Blog (and the Future of Christian Blogging)

TGC – New Books You Should Know (January 2019)

Babylon Bee – Democrats Vow To Somehow Surpass Republicans In Messing Everything Up

Babylon Bee – Hillary Clinton Invites Elizabeth Warren To Remote Location With No Witnesses In Order To Congratulate Her On Running For President

Babylon Bee – MPAA Orders Trigger Warning To Be Displayed Before All Chris Pratt Films

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