All Around the Web – December 19, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – The 7 Most Significant Religious Freedom Victories of 2018

QZ – Porn sites collect more user data than Netflix or Hulu. This is what they do with it.

TGC – MultiChurch a More Biblical Version of Multisite?

Thom Rainer – Ten Reasons I Am Optimistic about Churches in 2019

Facts & Trends – The Number 1 Reason for the Decline in Church Attendance

Tim Challies – The Collected Best Christian Books of 2018

Sam Storms – Best Books of 2018 (Part One)

The Way of Improvement Leads Home – What Happens When an Evangelical Pundit, Armed Only with 58K Twitter Followers and a Reference to the Bebbington Quadrilateral, Takes on a Historian

Chuck Lawless – Santa Claus and the Church

Timothy Paul Jones – Apologetics: Do the Gospels Borrow from Pagan Myths?

Babylon Bee – Church Rolls Out New Sleep Number Pews

Babylon Bee – Man Sleeps On Floor After Being Forced Off Bed By Wife’s Decorative Pillows Again

Babylon Bee – Trump Threatens Government Shutdown If Democrats Don’t Explain The Ending Of ‘Interstellar’ To Him

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