All Around the Web – December 11, 2018

AATWRussell Moore – How I Read

Ed Stetzer – Slain missionary John Chau prepared much more than we thought, but are missionaries still fools?

Denny Burk – Sex and the false gods of the marketplace

Chuck Lawless – Why the North American Church is Unlikely to Experience Revival

Reformation21 – Virgins Don’t Conceive, Unless…! (Nick Batzig)

Veggie Tales – 25 Interesting Things You Never Knew About VeggieTales

Crossway – What Makes Charles Spurgeon Relevant Today?

Facts & Trends – 5 Ways to Guide a Couple in a Marriage Crisis

Tim Challies – Reading The Bible Fast And Slow In 2019

Crossway – 10 Verses that Have Been Central to Wayne Grudem’s Life

Faith by Hearing – The Confessions of Augustine

Yahoo! – More than half of global population now online: UN

Babylon Bee – Enhanced Footage Of Memorial Service Reveals Hillary Clinton Was Actually Reciting Ancient Ritual To Summon Cthulhu From His Slumber

Babylon Bee – The Babylon Bee’s Top Ten Books Of 2018

Babylon Bee – Winning: Trump Memorized The Whole Apostles’ Creed And Recited It Quietly In His Head So As Not To Draw Attention To Himself

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