All Around the Web – October 13, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – Should We Do Away With Talk of Worldview?

TGC – The Unexpected Trend Reviving Canadian Christianity

Chuck Lawless –  9 Ways to Pray for Victims of Recent Hurricanes and Storms

Thom Rainer – How to Lead a Church to a Healthy View of Membership – Revitalize & Replant #062

John Stonestreet – THE DEADLY CANADIAN “M.A.I.D.”

Ligonier – The Death of Ulrich Zwingli

Justin Taylor – John Frame’s 9-Point Checklist for Evaluating Theological Writings

Tim Challies – New and Notable Books for October

Babylon Bee – God Places Rainbow In Sky, Promising Never To Flood The Earth With Liberal Tears Again

Babylon Bee – Local Pastor Clarifies ‘Being Salt And Light’ Actually Means ‘Voting Republican’

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