All Around the Web – October 9, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – The FAQs: A Christian Doctor and a Former ISIS Slave Win the Nobel Peace Prize

Russell Moore – Is Your Marriage Baal Worship?

Bruce Ashford – An Open Letter to the Cartoonist Who Mocked Kavanaugh’s Daughter

Denny Burk – The Kavanaugh Nomination: “An Absolute Political Acid Bath”

Tim Challies – Thank God We Do/Don’t Know the Future

Crossway – What Does It Mean that Women Will Be Saved through Childbearing? (1 Timothy 2)

Justin Taylor – Why God’s Love Is Better than ‘Unconditional’

Chuck Lawless – Joining J.D. Greear in Praying for the SBC Today

SBTS – What is a bad sermon and how do I recover from preaching one?

Ligonier – Fortress for Truth: Martin Luther

Crossway – Envy Forgets Eternity

Facts & Trends – Netflix Signs Deal to Develop ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ Series, Films

Babylon Bee –  Democrats Shudder At Idea Of Having To Legislate Through Congress Should Supreme Court Lean Right

Babylon Bee –  Confirmed: Any FBI Investigation You Don’t Like Is Massive Conspiracy

Justin Taylor – One of the Best Speeches You Will Ever Hear from the Senate Floor

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