All Around the Web – October 5, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – The FAQS: Christians and the Moral Threat of Sex Robots

Russell Moore – You Are Not Your Family Tree

Justin Taylor – A 10-Point Social Media Strategy

SBTS – 226 years ago today, Baptist missions was born

Sean McDowell – Kavanaugh Hearings and the Assault on Truth

John Stonestreet – Azusa Pacific Reaffirms Christian Sexual Ethic

Denny Burk – What does it mean that “God is the head of Christ”?

Evangelical History – Avoiding Bogus Christian Quotes

Facts & Trends – America’s Hidden Mission Field: Why We Need Rural Churches

Chuck Lawless – 12 Tough Church Leadership Lessons I’ve Had to Learn

Thom Rainer – Six Major Tax Mistakes Ministers Make

CNBC – Study: Limiting kids’ screen time improves brain function

Babylon Bee – Everyone Waits Patiently For FBI Investigation That Will Definitely End All Controversy

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