All Around the Web – October 1, 2018

AATWCarl Trueman – The New Gulags

Trevin Wax – Fighting for Hope

Facts & Trends – Evidence for the Exodus? New Discoveries Support Biblical Account

John Stonestreet – Kavanaugh, Ford, and Everyone Else

Credo House – The Five Worst Arguments of the “Week of Kavanaugh”

TGC – William Carey’s Commitment to the Gospel and Social Change

Tim Challies – The Sins Forbidden by the Ninth Commandment in a Social Media World

Thom Rainer – Why I’m Starting Revitalize Network – Rainer on Leadership #471

Chuck Lawless – 10 Thoughts about Some Unknown Heroes

TGC – The 2 Battles Every Minister Fights

Sam Rainer – Est.Church Podcast: Pastor Search Teams

WORLD – 25 Good History Reads

WORLD – Not recommended

Babylon Bee –  Cory Booker Asks Dr. Ford To Please Stop Interrupting His 2020 Campaign Speech

Babylon Bee – Progressive Christian College Welcomes Incoming Class Of Future Atheists

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