All Around the Web – September 8, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – Distrust and Disdain in the Internet Age

David French – The Ideological Blindness at the Heart of Media Bias

Ross Douthat – The Impotent Executive

John Stonestreet – Sin or Sickness?

Tim Challies – How Should You Dispose of a Bible ?

Sam Storms – What I Learned about Suffering from Reading the Christian Post

Chuck Lawless – 10 Questions to Ask about Your Church Staff Meetings

Thom Rainer – Why Declining Churches Often Run Off Pastors – Revitalize & Replant #057

Facts and Trends – 4 Ways Churches Can Help Alleviate the Addiction Crisis

John Stonestreet – China’s Crackdown on Religion

France24 – Landmark India ruling ends gay sex ban

Telegraph – Call to end religious public broadcasting in Belgium after ‘woman-unfriendly’ Bible reading

Babylon Bee – Kavanaugh Accused Of Being ‘Too Judgmental’ To Be Effective Judge

Babylon Bee – Dave Ramsey Suffers Massive Seizure After Walking Into Payday Loan Store

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