All Around the Web – September 6, 2018

AATWKevin DeYoung – Why Pastors Should Consider Preaching (At Least) 5 Minutes Shorter

Desiring God – Is Pornography Your Therapy?

Hershael York – Ten Unique Challenges of Ministry

ERLC – A viral photo shows the problems with in vitro fertilization (IVF)

Chuck Lawless – 8 Reasons Bitterness Will Consume You if You Don’t Let It Go

Thom Rainer – Your Church Has Been Offered a Facility…Now What? – Rainer on Leadership #464

Facts & Trends – Cringing at Church: What It’s Like as an Autistic Person in Your Congregation

Baptist Press – Young or old, many pastors lack a will, survey finds

Zero Hedge – Nike’s Kaepernick Ad Has Cost The Company Over $4 Billion So Far

The Atlantic – Why Americans Call Soccer ‘Soccer’

Babylon Bee – Upcoming Film On Life Of Christ Criticized For Omitting American Flag

Babylon Bee – California Now Requires Companies To Have At Least One Gang Member On Executive Board


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