All Around the Web – August 3, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – 4 Big Challenges Facing the Church in the West Today

John Stonestreet – Humanae Vitae and Artificial Contraception

Ross Douthat – The Truth About Cardinal McCarrick

Gospel Coalition – 4 Ways to Love Your Pastor

Tim Challies – What Is the Bible, Anyway?

Sean McDowell – 7 Reasons the Old Testament is Divine

Chuck Lawless – 9 Ways to Build Prayer into a Worship Service 

Practical Shepherding – Why did I take July off to care for my own soul?

Facts & Trends – 10 Nations Where Slavery Is Most Common Today

Quartz – Americans are now spending 11 hours each day consuming media

New York Times – Alex Trebek, Saying He May Leave ‘Jeopardy!’ in 2020, Suggests 2 Replacements

Babylon Bee – Ominous Warning Suddenly Appears To All Twitter Users: ‘The Only Winning Move Is Not To Tweet’

Babylon Bee – Stephen King Pens ‘Horrifying’ New Novel In Which Conservatives Get Supreme Court Majority

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