All Around the Web – July 9, 2018

AATWAndrew Walker – Yes, Lavish Socialism is Hypocritical

Denny Burk – Is there a constitutional right to life?

Sam Storms – 10 Things You Should Know about Mysticism

Chuck Lawless – 10 Things I Would Do Less Often if I Were Pastoring Again

Tim Challies –  Everything Revolves Around Jesus

Thom Rainer – How to Deal With an Angry Church Member – Rainer on Leadership #446

WORLD – Online outrage addiction

Gospel Coalition – Pastor, Be an Active Listener

LifeWay Pastors – Why You Should Read Multiple Books at the Same Time

The Blaze – Willow Creek sorry for how they addressed Bill Hybels’ resignation: ‘Bill entered into areas of sin’

New York Post – Why the middle class can’t afford life in America anymore

New York Times – Americans Are Having Fewer Babies. They Told Us Why.

The Blaze – Episcopal Church considers adding gender-neutral language regarding God to its book of prayers

Babylon Bee – ‘New York Times’ Now To Be Printed Only On Far-Left Side Of Page

Babylon Bee – Gary Chapman Releases ‘The 5 Love Languages For Millennials’


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