All Around the Web – July 5, 2018

AATWGospel Coalition – My State Turned My Life Upside Down Because of My Religious Beliefs

John Stonestreet – Justice Kennedy’s Retirement, Part 2

Thom Rainer – Three Ways Churches Think They Are Known in Their Communities

Doug Wilson – What Professionals Call a Supreme Court Nomination Rannygazoo

Chuck Lawless – 10 Things I Would Do More Often if I Were Pastoring Again

Gospel Coalition – 3 Unhealthy Responses to Loneliness

Tim Challies – When Failure Saves and Success Destroys

LifeWay Pastors – 4 Ways to Be Gospel-Centered Beyond the Pulpit

Gospel Coalition – What’s Really Going On in Romans 7

Faith By Hearing – John Piper’s Reading the Bible Supernaturally

Babylon Bee – Republicans Excited To Have Supreme Court Majority Like They Had When ‘Roe v. Wade’ Decided

Babylon Bee – Conservative Man Checks Ben Shapiro’s Page To Find Out What Should Outrage Him Today

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