All Around the Web – June 14, 2018

AATWAlbert Mohler – What Seminary Didn’t Teach Albert Mohler

Justin Taylor – A Conversation with J. D. Greear, the New President of the Southern Baptist Convention

John Stonestreet – Making Abortion Unthinkable

Justin Taylor – How Every Theologian Should Talk to His Readers

Chuck Lawless – 10 Common Characteristics of the Top Ten Leaders I’ve Ever Worked With

Eric Metaxes – Religious Freedom and the Fugitive Slave Act

Thom Rainer – Future Church: Five Developments on the Horizon

Masters Seminary – “Is My Baby In Heaven?” Why I Believe God’s Word Assures Us We Can Say, “Yes.”

Sayable – I Feel Called to Write. Now What?

Similar Web – Top Websites Ranking

Babylon Bee – Man Who Handed Out Hundreds Of Participation Trophies Can’t Figure Out Why This Generation Is So Entitled



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