All Around the Web – June 12, 2018

AATWChristianity Today – Will Supreme Court Cake Ruling Actually Help Christian Businesses?

Gospel Coalition – Why It’s Wrong to Say the Bible Is Pro-Slavery

Kevin DeYoung – Toward a Theology of Apology

Baptist21 – One-on-One with J. D. Greear

Baptist21 – One-on-One with Ken Hemphill

Tim Challies – Five Great Benefits from Preaching

Thom Rainer – Why Conflict Leads to Complacency in Many Churches

John Stonestreet – Automation and the Dignity of Work

LifeWay Social – NEW RESEARCH: 5 Stats on How Teens Use Technology

Chuck Lawless – 9 Mistakes Leaders Make

Crossway – Why Study the Book of Song of Solomon?

Practical Shepherding – Newest podcast: Preaching with Flexiblity

Omaha – CDC: Suicides increased by more than 30 percent since 1999 in half the states

The Blaze – Lemonade company to pay fines of kids busted for selling lemonade at stands without permits

Babylon Bee – Fox News Slams Jesus For Never Once Standing During National Anthem


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