All Around the Web – June 9, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – Supreme Court Provides an Important—But Limited—Win for Religious Liberty

Rod Dreher – Religious Liberty Wins Small

WORLD – Living to fight another day

Brian Croft – 4 reasons every Christian needs time in silence

John Stonestreet – Jack Phillips and Religious Freedom

GetReligion –  In same-sex wedding cake case, Supreme Court rules for Colorado baker — but who wins in future?

Thom Rainer – How to Do Staff Reviews – Rainer on Leadership #438

Chuck Lawless – 5 Reasons I Still Believe in the People of God

Sean McDowell – Let’s Stop Pretending Sex Is Merely A Private Act

Steve Weaver – Ten Principles for Christians Interacting with Cultural Moments

Gospel Coalition – Review: The Bible Project – Brilliant but Flawed

Monday Note – Facebook’s biggest concern: teens are leaving

Babylon Bee – Supreme Court Drags Nation Into Dystopian Nightmare In Which Business Owners Can Openly Practice Their Faith


Tim Challies – How John MacArthur began (and ended) His 42 Year Journey


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