All Around the Web – April 28, 2018

AATWGospel Coalition – The United Church of Canada: What You Need to Know

Doug Wilson – Starbucks and Identity Politics

Gospel Coalition – A Theological Sickness unto Death: Philip Rieff’s Prophetic Analysis of our Secular Age

Crossway – 10 Crucial Archaeological Discoveries Related to the Bible

Tim Challies – Why Christians Blogs Aren’t What They Used To Be

Thom Rainer – Five Loves You Must Have to Be a Successful Pastor – Revitalize & Replant #038

Practical Shepherding – Latest Podcast: When a member wants to leave your church

Chuck Lawless – 11 Questions to Determine if Your Humility is Actually False Humility

Cripplegate – Five Reasons Why Pope Francis’ Answer Was Demonic

Faith by Hearing – Together for the Gospel 2018

Sports Illustrated – Why Jake Locker Walked Away From Football—and Why He Doesn’t Miss It

Babylon Bee – Nation Patiently Awaits GQ Article Calling Koran Overrated

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