All Around the Web – April 14, 2018

AATWGospel Coalition – The Burden of All These Little Gods

Thom Rainer – Ten Sentences that Make Pastors Cringe

Dave DeLong – If iPads were meant for kids

Chuck Lawless – 10 “Secrets” to a Long Marriage

Practical Shepherd – When should a pastor stay at his church and and when should he leave?

Thom Rainer – 10 Books for the Library of Every Church Revitalizer or Replanter – Revitalize & Replant #036

John Stonestreet – Sugihara’s Holocaust Survivors

The Blaze – Kentucky law restricting D&E abortion method being challenged by ACLU in federal court

Baptist Press – Boy who ‘did not go to heaven’ sues Tyndale for damages

Quartz – The share of American young adults living with their parents is the highest in 75 years

Guardian – Shhh … Alexa might be listening

Babylon Bee – Zuckerberg Requires House Members To Accept Terms Of Service Before He Testifies


Sean McDowell – What Makes the Bible So Special?






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