All Around the Web – April 10, 2018

AATWTrevin Wax – On Pastoral Failings and the Fallout

Russell Moore – Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Musicians?

Thom Rainer – Will the Ministers’ Housing Allowance Go Away? – Rainer on Leadership #421

Founders – Jonathan Edwards and Why I am a Cessationist

Thom Rainer – 5 reasons pastors get depressed (and why they don’t talk about it)

Doug Wilson – How the Queen of Sheba Crossed the Border

LifeWay Pastors – Are You Evangelistic?

GetReligion – Stats on future of faith in Europe: What happens when Christendom’s heart weakens?

Crossway – 10 Things You Should Know about Christian Hospitality

CNN – Bibles pulled from online stores as China increases control of religion

Factors and Trends – Big Ten Coach Leaves Football for Chick-fil-A

Jalopnik – Here’s What Those Weird Black Tubes In The Road Are For

Babylon Bee – Movement That Demands Forceful Silencing Of All Opposing Viewpoints Unsure Why Nation So Divided

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