All Around the Web – March 28, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – The FAQs: Congress Passes Legislation to Prevent Online Sex Trafficking

Sam Storms – 10 Things You Should Know about Open Theism

Stream – The Transgender Abolition of Man

Public Discourse – The Deficits of the iPhone Generation

Thom Rainer – Seven Critical Issues before Your Easter Services

Gospel Coalition – Preacher’s Toolkit: How Not to Preach an Easter Sermon

Tim Challies – What Counts as a “Gospel Issue?”

Chuck Lawless – 7 Words of Advice to Single Adults

Crossway – 21 Key Christian Figures You Should Know

Juicey Ecumenism – Sin-Drenched Nations

Eric Metaxes – The Seven Last Sayings of Jesus

National Post – The pessimists might be right, social media may have plunged us into a new dark age

Babylon Bee – Middle-Earth Announces Heavy Tariffs On Narnian Imports

Babylon Bee – Ken Ham Arrested For Vandalizing Grand Canyon Signs To Read ‘JUST 4400 YEARS OLD’

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