All Around the Web – March 27, 2018

AATWAndy Crouch – It’s Time to Reckon with Celebrity Power

Facts & Trends – U.S. Church Attendance May be Declining, But Not Among Evangelicals

Bible Gateway – Infographic: What Happened During Holy Week Day-By-Day

Chuck Lawless – 7 Things to Do When You Can’t Even Pray

Thom Rainer – Six Future Projections about Churches That Are Becoming Reality – Rainer on Leadership #417

Eric Metaxes – The Church’s infatuation with Youth

LifeWay – 6 Questions for the Grumpy Pastor

Tim Challies – Life Has Not Been Easy

Vassal of the King –  The Foolishness in a Child’s Heart

Amusing Planet – The Library That Stands On Two Countries

Babylon Bee – Nation Begins To Wonder If Allowing Huge Tech Companies To Surveil Them 24/7 Might Be Bad Idea

Babylon Bee – Opinion: If You Like To Talk To Tomatoes, Seek Professional Counseling Immediately

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