All Around the Web – March 6, 2018

AATWJoe Carter – 9 Things You Should Know About the Unification Church

Doug Wilson – Woke with the Wim-Wams

LifeWay Pastors – 10 Reasons Why Pastoring is the Best Job in the World

Eric Metaxes – Choosing Life Over the Olympics

Credo House – Billy Graham and Charles Templeton: The Sad Tale of Two Evangelists

Got Questions – What is the history of crucifixion?

Chuck Lawless – Why We Need to Say “Thank You” to Church Volunteers This Week – and How

Tim Challies – 10 Lessons on Parenting Big(ger) Kids

Sam Rainer – Why Wednesday Evening Programming Thrives

Popular Mechanics – Burning Out: What Really Happens Inside a Crematorium

Wired – Inside the Alexa Prize

Babylon Bee – Man Who Got Famous Showing Scantily Clad Women Bouncing On Trampolines Lectures Nation On Sexual Propriety

Babylon Bee – CNN Purchases Industrial-Sized Washing Machine To Spin News Before Publication

Gospel Coalition – How Can I Overcome the Sin of Pornography?

<p><a href=”″>I’ve Succumbed to Pornography Yet Again. How Can I Beat This Sin?</a> from <a href=””>The Gospel Coalition</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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