All Around the Web – December 23, 2017

AATWAlbert Mohler – Must Christians Believe in the Virgin Birth?

SBTS – Why Christ’s birth was an act of war

Chuck Lawless – Some Thoughts to Consider if Your Church is Having a Christmas Eve Service

WORLD – Ohio passes Down syndrome abortion ban

Tim Challies – Bible Reading Programs – Three-Minute Thursdays #8

Gospel Coalition – Those We’ve Lost in 2017

Church Law and Tax – The GOP Tax Bill Just Passed. Here’s What Church Leaders Need to Know.

WORLD – Evolutionist retracts key study on origin of life

The Blaze – Report: Planned Parenthood closed 32 clinics in 2017

The Blaze – Jake Tapper exposes hypocrisy of UN countries who voted to condemn the US

Babylon Bee – Pastor’s Preaching License Revoked For Failing To Reference ‘The Last Jedi’ In Sermon

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