All Around the Web – December 19, 2017

WORLD – 2017 News of the Year

Denny Burk – Are Christians crying wolf about mistreatment and marginalization?

Zondervan – What Does the Old Testament Say about the Trinity?

Chuck Lawless – 10 Reasons the Christmas Season Can Be Hard for Pastors

Gospel Coalition – We Three Kings of Orient Aren’t

John Stonestreet – Who Cares How Taylor Swift Votes?

Your Mom Has a Blog – Let Your Pastor’s Wife Be Herself

GetReligion –  CNN visits eastern Kentucky women, but ignores how majority feels about abortion, etc.

Anchored in Faith – Spurgeon’s 15 Tips for a Deep and Effective Prayer Life

Managing Your Church – IRS Announces 2018 Mileage Rates

Tim Challies – The Collected Best Christian Books of 2017

Babylon Bee – The Babylon Bee’s Top Ten Books Of 2017

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