All Around the Web – November 14, 2017

AATWGospel Coalition – Friendship in ‘Stranger Things’ Is a Buffer against Darkness

David French – Behold the Free-Speech Hypocrisy of the Corporate Left

Denny Burk – 12-year old boy transitions to female (then changes his mind)

WORLD – The church that birthed America

Russell Moore (Crossway) – How to Cultivate a Culture of Adoption

Chuck Lawless – 5 Reasons Why, “I’m Not Being Fed” May Not Be a Good Reason to Leave a Church

Thom rainer – Seven Ways Being Nice Hurts Your Church

Tim Challies – Vlog: Why My Family Still Doesn’t Do Sleepovers

Gospel Coalition – Alzheimer’s Locks Up Its Victims, but Christ Holds the Key

Flowing Data – The words used by men and women to write about love

Babylon Bee – Liberty University To Offer Course In Defending Trump At Holiday Gatherings


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