All Around the Web – November 11, 2017

Gospel Coalition – God’s Inestimable Worth, Rapped: Beautiful Eulogy’s ‘Worthy’

Resurgent – Not Free Speech: Time for a Legislative War on Pornography

Daily Signal – Here’s Why an Unborn Baby Was Counted as a Person in the Texas Massacre

Jason K. Allen – Four Essentials of Great Preaching

National Review – Cheap Sex Is the ‘Inconvenient Truth’ that Explains the Retreat from Marriage

Managing Your Church –  5 Ways to Protect Your Church

Chuck Lawless – 10 Times to Turn a Deaf Ear in Ministry

Tim Challies – Children and Pornography – Three-Minute Thursdays #2

Managing Your Church –  Paying Your Pastor

Narnia Fans – Stranger Things’ Millie Bobby Brown to play Jill Pole in The Silver Chair?

Babylon Bee – What Your Pastor’s Pulpit Says About His Theology


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