All Around the Web – October 23, 2017

Gospel Coalition – Luther’s Jewish Problem

John Stonestreet – #MeToo

Denny Burk – Church Clarity ought to be about biblical and theological clarity

LifeWay Pastors – Three Worries of Pastors’ Wives and How to Overcome Them

SBC This Week – NAMB Announces Largest Annie Armstrong Easter Offering in History

GetReligion –  Is this the ‘fastest-growing Christian group in America,’ and perhaps the world?

Tim Challies – What Is a Writer Who Can’t Write?

Chuck Lawless – Ten Questions to Ask at the End of This Week

Gospel Coalition – 8 Signs Your Christianity Is Too Comfortable

Steve Weaver – Indian Creek Baptist Church, Cynthiana, Kentucky (Audio included)

New York Times – Trump Says He Will Release Final Set of Documents on Kennedy Assassination

Babylon Bee – Man On Crowded Bus Prays That God Would Show Him His Mission Field


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