All Around the Web – October 2, 2017

Gospel Coalition – Is the Church Ready to Respond to ‘Christian’ Polyamory?

Joe Carter – How Hugh Hefner Hijacked Men’s Brains

Christianity Today – Benny Hinn Is My Uncle, but Prosperity Preaching Isn’t for Me

Denny Burk – Is it okay for a Christian to affirm polyamory?

Cripplegate – Lady Jane Grey in 200 words

USA Today – Syphilis rates are on the rise, and dating apps may be playing a role, experts say

WORLD – ACLU fights faith-based child placement agencies

Ben Witherington – Doubting Thomas: The Relevance of the Gospel of Thomas for Historical Jesus Studies

Crossway – A Brief Introduction to the Life and Ministry of Ulrich Zwingli

Evangelical History – How George Marsden Uses the Lord of the Rings to Explain a Christian View of History

Nieman Lab – Self-driving cars are coming faster than you think. What will that mean for public radio?

Babylon Bee – Progressive Criticizes Jesus For Not Being Very Christlike


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